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Unique and individual designs each time

At Great Southern Landscape, we work closely with you to design your perfect yard.


We offer top quality work, with a touch of class 

From an art installation, to a functional veggie patch.


A Japanese landscape, to an Australian dry river bed.

Each design is unique, and tailored just for you.

Our specialised equipment can access even the most difficult locations. Narrow paths? no problem. Under the house excavation? Easy.

With Great Southern Landscape your problems are solved 


"I am so pleased with my garden transformation. Gone is the overgrown, weedy mess and in its place is a tidy, low fuss garden. Thanks to the guys from Great Southern Landscape for a great job clearing the mess and leaving an attractive, clean yard."

Cindy, Brighton

"James and Daniel have been working their creative magic in our Cambridge garden since 2012.
We value their dedication, advice, discussions, hard work and love of our 3 acre property."
Julie and Martin Hills

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